Know your kid's struggles

Many children have trouble talking about their feelings and problems. This can cause mental stress and physical discomfort.

braceMe is a wristband for kids. It monitors the child's stress level and connects to an app for parents. Thereby it provides both a bridge for communication about possible difficulties as well as a security tool that alerts parents of problems without continuously having to track the child's whereabouts.
The integrated panic button and call function give the kid the option to ask for help while granting them their needed freedom and privacy. braceMe is not meant for surveilling the child - but to give parents peace of mind when their little one is out and about.

The app for the parents was designed to offer a quick overview on the child's stress level. It offers a detailed diagram, alerts and a longterm analysis for each connected wristband.

The wristband is modular and fully customizable - the exchangeable bands can easily be designed and ordered online, making sure the child never grows bored of their braceMe's style.

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Year:  2015
Duration:  7 months (independent)
Category:  Interaction / Interface / Product
Context:  IFTTT Lab at HfK (in Coorporation with Deutsche Telekom) (Prof. Tanja Diezmann / Markus Walthert)
  • T-Gallery Bonn (2015)
  • Hochschultage 2016 HfK Bremen
Keywords (EN): Stress, biometric, measure, wristband, children, security, safety, monitor, application.
Keywords (DE): Stress, biometrisch, messen, Armband, Kinder, Sicherheit, beobachten, Applikation.