Sounds of St.Maarten

Field Recording

During a two month stay on St.Maarten, a Dutch island in the Caribbean, I made a lot of recordings of the sounds that, to me, were most significant on the island.The result is a playlist of recordings and compositions that are supposed to portray the island in a sonic way.

The seventh track in the playlist is a special one: “(Is)land in Earshot“ is a composition that is supposed to summarize my sonic memory after living on St. Maarten with a local family for two months. The composition might not sound like what you would expect when thinking of the Caribbean - but it is how I experienced the island from within the local community.

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Year:  2015
Duration:  7 months (independent)
Category:  Field Recording / Composition
Context:  Sound Culture seminar at HfK Bremen (Petra Klusmeyer)
Keywords (EN): Field Recording, SXM, St. Maarten, Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, St. Martin, caribbean, sound, life, ocean, island.
Keywords (DE): Tonaufnahme, Karibik, Ton, Geräusch, Leben, Meer, Insel.