Wrecking Ball Public Pendulum



"New Ways from A to B for Barbie & Ken
Barbie and Ken definitely need a mobility upgrade. The power couple got rid of their oh-so-trendy convertible from back in the 1980s and are now looking for future means of transport. To make matters worse for Barbie, her high-heels wrecked her feet permanently so she can’t walk long distances anymore. Technology is racing and Barbie shouldn’t lack behind!"


Wrecking Ball Public Pendulum
Based on a prior mobility study (Cyrus 2013), the “Wrecking Ball Public Pendulum” strives to set foot into the market of mass transportation. A missed opportunity! Commuters enter the wrecking ball at one of several hop-on / hop-off stations. From there they can freely swing to their desired destination. According to inventors Annika Engelhardt and Chang Park, the “Wrecking Ball Public Pendulum” is best enjoyed in revealing clothing since the inevitable airstream causes a nice tickling sensation on the skin.

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Year:  2016
Duration:  1 week (team of 2)
Category:  Interaction / Mobility / Speculation
Context:  "How Barbie gets from A to B"-workshop by Niklas Roy in cooperation with moovel lab
Team:  Chang Park
Keywords (EN): Barbie, Ken, wrecking ball, interaction, mobility, public transport, speculation, concept, future, cities.
Keywords (DE): Barbie, Ken, Abrissbirne, Interaktion, Mobilität, öffentlicher Nahverkehr, Spekulation, Konzept, Zukunft, Städte.