Redesigning one of Germany's most popular Websites about Slime Mold is a website by the German life science researcher and engineer Lisa Engelhardt. The site exists since 2008 and quickly became Germany's number 1 page about slime mold, according to Google results. However, the page stopped working in the beginning of 2017 and had to be taken down. I offered to save the content from a webarchive, collect the photos and redesign the page, mostly using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, while the talented programmer C.D. Peterson assisted me with JavaScript and back-end solutions. The new design has the same structure as the old page that people had gotten used to over the years. However, the new design is responsive, more minimal and clean, and an English version of the texts is being implemented.

Besides offering lots of information about slime molds on different levels, the page is also a hub for slime mold photos by different photographers. Similar to the old page, these photos are sorted into three categories: Species A-Z, No Slime and Random Slime Molds. The responsive design of the website makes viewing the images an enjoyable experience on any device. Clicking or tapping on an image enlarges it to its full size.

On the old page, the implemented guestbook and forum had become very popular places for slime mold fans and other interested people to exchange experiences, knowledge and photos. Therefore, a new guestbook was implemented on the new site along with a brand new phpBB-forum, the Schleimpilz Forum, using customized version of the Green-Style with own colors, forum-icons and other minor tweaks.

The Forum Banner

We hope to reestablish the page as one of the major slime mold pages in the German web and to give slime mold fans their beloved platform back. So far, feedback from visitors via email and the guestbook were very positive and excited about the progress, and google returned to listing the the site as one of the top results when searching "schleimpilze" (see below).

First comment in the Guestbook

Google* lists the website as the 5th result when searching "schleimpilze" on February 12th, 2018
*Google und das Google-Logo sind eingetragene Marken von Google Inc., Verwendung mit Genehmigung.


Year:  2017
Duration:  2 months
(independent with a developer's support for back-end issues)
Category:  Webdesign / Interface / Interaction
Context:  Redesign of an existing page
Keywords (EN): Slime Mold, mushroom, forest, biology, science, content, knowledge, research, information, gallery, photos.
Keywords (DE): Schleimpilze, Pilze, Wald, Biologie, Wissenschaft, Wissen, Forschung, Information, Galerie, Fotos.