Monster Land

A Mobile Game

Monster Land is a mobile game that takes you out of home and into the fantasy. To find adventures, new friends and to fight against monsters, the player has to go outside and explore the real world. In this new gaming experience new adventures will only be unlocked if you actually run after them with your own feet.

The player chooses a virtual egg which will hatch their own monster. Each monster has individual abilities and needs to be trained and cared for. Once it is grown up, the player can explore the world, battle or team up with other people and fight against legendary monsters to win prizes. Together with a map, this game is the perfect motivation to discover the world around you!

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Year:  2014 / 2015
Duration:  3 months
(team of 3; role: concept, UX, modeling & animation, documentation)
Category:  Interaction / Interface / Game Design / Motion
Context:  Digital Experience Design seminar University of Bremen
Team:  Maria EugĂȘnia Araujo, Andrei Glazunov
Keywords (EN): Monster, app, game, tamagotchi, interaction, fight, train, explore, adventure, real life.
Keywords (DE): Monster, App, Spiel, Tamagotchi, Interaktion, Kampf, Training, entdecken, Abenteuer, RealitĂ€t.